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Spray Pen Empty Refillable Travel Bottle 3 ml for Perfume, Essential Oil or Hygiene



    About this item
    3 IN 1 ESSENTIAL USES: The Spray is Essential for travel use. The STYLUS is essential to keep your Touchscreen devices safe. The BALLPOIN PEN is essential to write down all your vital info!

    USES:The Empty Spray Bottle Can be filled with 3 ml of Perfume, Or any Personal Essential. You can use 30 sprays until your next refill. These Pens come with a pocket clip as well and is the perfect choice for travel!

    COMFORTABLE GRIP: Our stylus tip pens are made of a lightweight material and feature a rubber grip that contours to your hand for added comfort, making it the perfect choice for avid note takers.

    COMPATIBLE WITH MANY DEVICES: SyPen’s Stylus Tip Pen is compatible with touch screen devices from various brands for your convenience. Our stylus pen is highly sensitive & smooth, providing a seamless, pen-like writing experience. The fine tip allows you to achieve greater detail in your note taking & art projects.

    MANY DIFFERENT COLOR OPTIONS: Our stylus tip pens feature a sophisticated & streamlined design in many different color variations to accommodate your personal taste and whatever mood you’re in.

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