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Nose Pads- Comfort Nose Pad for Avoiding Air Leaks, Red Mark, Irritation



    ➤12 PACK OF NOSE PADS – Includes 12 packs reusable nose pads. Great-value and effective solution for preventing red marks and pressure sore on the bridge of nose.

    ➤ONE SIZE FITS MOST – These nose pads are custom designed and can be trimmed to fit a wide range of brand ma-sks! Specially designed to fit most people’s nose curve.

    ➤PRESSURE SORE & RED MARK RELIEF- Softly fitting between ma-sk and nose bridge, reduces red mark, red blister and improves nose bridge comfort. Wake up without red mark!

    ➤NON-IRRITATING & COMFORT – Made of soft fleece, effectively adsorb facial oils around nose and prevent slipping of ma-sk and skin irritations. Ensure stable fitting and more comfort!

    ➤REDUCE AIR LEAKS – Comfortably fit and make ma-sk stay in place. Better reduce annoying air leaks to promote an uninterrupted, full night of sleep!

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