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Nose Bridge Strips, Aluminum Metal Nose Strip, Adjustable Nose Clips Wire



    【Wide Application】 Aluminum strip nose bridge can be used for Sculpturing, wire weaving, decorating, crafting, beading, jewelry making, florist arranging, DIY, gardening, or wrapping.

    【Soft & Flexible】 It has the excellent property of bending and deforming with the action of external force, not rebounding without the action of external force, and keeping the existing shape unchanged.Aluminum nose bridge strip with adhesive, no rust, smooth surface, can be used for a long time.Great for craft projects and jewelry making.

    【Excellent Property】 Designed with adhesive back, Flat aluminum wire has a strong viscosity, after use will not fall off.

    【Size】 This nose bridge strip is about 5mm(0.2inch) width, 90mm(3.5inch) long, 0.5mm(0.02inch) thickness.

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