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Mask Extender – Anti-Tightening Ear Protector Holder Hook Ear Strap Accessories



    4 Gears adjustable anti-slip ear hook for mask, ear protector special for Reducing the pain and pressure of long time wearing a mask in the ear.

    Suitable for various masks with two-point connection and fit to most of people. The mask hook is also suitable for thin face and children. Is your face too thin to find a small mask, it cannot be completely covered by looseness. Girls hair can be hidden with comfortable hanging hook.

    Easy to clean unlimited reuse non-allergic, fits perfectly to your head, maximum comfort wraparound Design, adjustable belt, tasteless, long life,Stylish design, light weight, sterile, environmentally friendly PP flexible material.

    Ideal for Office Workers: For current office workers, do you go out to work for a day, and your ears are sore and red? The buckle is great for you

    Package: Mask Adjustable buckle, which can be used by yourself or as a gift to family and friends.

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