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Cord Locks, Silicone Toggles Ends Fastener for Drawstrings Elastic Adjustable Lanyard Buckle Accessories



    Material: Our cord locks made of high-elastic nylon polyester fiber materials, which has good resilience and can be restored to the original length without deformation, non-irritating , strong and practical. Can be used for a long time

    Suitable Size: Each ends fastener buckles are approx 9×6.5mm, hole size: 4mm and 2mm. Perfect for making the elastics adjustable without having to knot it

    For Children and Adults: Our elastic adjusters can be easily adjusted the length of cord to fit for various facial size, A cord lock specially designed for adults with small face and children

    Application: Fine elastic band adjustment buckle, maskers buckle, ear rope buckle, hat rope buckle, hat rope buckle, drawstring buckle, etc.soft rubber silicone thread, round flat anti-slip buckle, ear strap buckle

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