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Anti Fog Nose Bridge,Silicone Reusable Anti-Fog mask Clip



    ?Upgraded version of the reusable clip-on design: The silicone nose pad has a clip-on design, which is easy to clip on the mask, cleaned and used repeatedly, and is stable and firm without falling.

    ?Provides a clear vision-our clip-on nose pads are specially designed for glasses wearers to protect the glasses from being blurred by the heat exhaled from our mouth, so that you can see when wearing glasses in cold weather To a clear scene.

    ?Soft material:The anti-fog nose pad is made of high-quality silicone, non-toxic, odorless, soft and lightweight, safe for adults and children, not easy to break, durable, and can serve you for a long time,not only suitable for adults, but also for children, suitable

    ?Most suitable size: We have tested to ensure that all face shapes get the most comfortable fit and best seal possible. It’s a gospel to friends who wear glasses-No more foggy glasses!

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